Frequently asked questions

What does Sherman International Basketball do?

Sherman International is a International  Marketing Consultancy  Firm that helps College Seniors and Free-Agents with finding professional contracts worldwide. We specialise in many aspects for the basketball industry.  Recruitment, Consulting, Online Exposure Marketing, legal services for the signing process.

Are Basketball Training sessions and Camps covered by insurance?

No. It is the player’s responsibility to be covered by his or her own insurance.

What Are Sherman International Core Beliefs?

We believe in order for prospective clients to acomplish their dreams and career goals they must hire the right company for their career needs. What Sherman International does best most importantly, we first listen to every current or new clients previous past, second we develop a hard working plan for his or her career, third we give them the guidance and support from our own professional experiences therefore they can be protected and achieve their way on the court and in life.

What Markets Does Sherman international Cover?

Sherman International covers all majors markets, all of Europe, North America, South America,Australia, Asia and various other countries throughout the globe

Where is Sherman International Located?

Delaware USA, Gatwick England

Why Is It Important To Pay Upfront Through Sherman International?

It is our policy that all services must be  paid upfront through Sherman International.  We do not allow the start of services  until all services that are requested are paid. Once the services are paid, the  client will automatically receive  full services from the day he or she has paid.

Having customers pay through Sherman International allows us to stay in business and continue to expand our international bilingual call center worldwide to importantly continue to open doors for  the players starting or continuing their careers. Our staff works very hard of supporting the clients career needs as we have created many great results.  Sherman International  is developing a 24/7 career support call center for players in need.

How long has Sherman International Basketball been running?

Sherman International Basketball was founded in January of 2012 by Kenneth Sherman after he helped 5 college friends get signed overseas in  Sweden where he played his career. The company has been operating since February 2013 after Kenneth finished playing professionally.

What is the success rate of placing players?

We have  helped 25 players to sign professional contracts worldwide since April 2013. Some players who has signed up with the services got placed within 1 month of signing . The average  placement time takes 3 months. The longest time of placement was 8 months. Prior to starting the company, Kenneth worked for a  division 2  European Montenegrin  Professional Basketball Team as a scouting advisor  he helped the team sign 8 import players during his 1 year  term overseas.

Is there a standard player’s contract?

Yes. Before we start any work for a client, there are agreed Legal  Services or Packages which covers the future  needs of a client. The packages cover Marketing/Consultations /Recruitment/  These contracts for services  must be  sign between us and the player.

Do you require any ID or other documents when I sign up?

Yes Our Policies require the future client  to  give a  copy of your valid passport and driver’s license, release letter from your previous pro team, and a termination letter from your previous agent in order to complete the registration. This does not apply to college seniors !

Do you charge any fees for your services?

Yes. We charge for all service packages and legal services for worldwide  team contracts  for your career needs. We  can tailor a package that suits your career when you call in.

What marketing exposure will I receive?

We will publish you on our website, publish you on  all of our social media networks,  Publish you  on the company’s Euro-basket network. We will build you your own SEO Website Basketball Page. We will make  weekly worldwide calls to countries of your choice. We will also market you to teams that contact us regarding a job notification  and also via any team contacting that we will make on your behalf.

 Does The Company Get Paid By The Contracted Basketball Club?

No, We Are Consultants And Only Get Paid Via The Client.

 How quickly can I expect to get a job placement Or Try-out?


(1.) Experienced Overseas Free-Agents 1 Month:  (2.)  Top Semi-Pro Free-Agents With Great Numbers Avg. 3Month:

(3.)   College Seniors With Decent Numbers 4-6 Months   (4.) Players Who Have Sat Out For At Least 2 Seasons Max 1 year:


What can I do in between waiting for a contract?

  • You must be able to be contacted at all times, as teams work in all different time zones.
  • Stay in shape with regular workouts and stick to a healthy eating plan.
  • Save money encase your contract does not include flights, food allowance, and living expenses. Have enough money to keep you going until you get your first pay check.
  • You can do your own research for jobs, please notify us of any potential jobs you want to apply for or if a team approaches you. We can then approach the teams to discuss the terms of a contract and what talent value you can bring to their team.
  • Let us know if you want to attend a try-out or camp. We will then research how beneficial this will be for your career.

What happens if I am not happy in my existing job placement?

We will find a new job placement for you and start re-marketing you.

Do you have a payment plan available for signing up initially?

Yes, we can offer this at the time of joining.

What is the length of your player contract?

Our contracts last for 12 months and will be automatically renewed and billed unless you notify us 2 weeks before the end of your term. We will send a renewal letter 1 month prior your renewal date.

How can I make payments to the Firm?

You can only pay via the website.


Will I Get My Money Back If I Don’t Get A Job Or A Try-Out  After The 1 year Term?

Yes if the company doesn’t  help the player get a try-out or contract the company will guarantee back 5% of the service Packages that was purchased.

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You can see who we've worked with near you that you might know for a reference by browsing our hierarchical portfolio directory below. For basketball skills training, cities we serve include Ashland, Bellwood, Bensley, Bon Air, Brandermill, Chamberlayne, Chester, Chesterfield Court House, Colonial Heights, Dumbarton, East Highland Park, Enon, Fort Lee, Glen Allen, Hanover, Highland Springs, Hopewell, Lakeside, Laurel, Mechanicsville, Montrose, Richmond, Sandston, Short Pump, Tuckahoe, Woodlake, and Wyndham.
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